Truth of the Stock Tape

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I have written what I believe is required for your success.  It is practical and based on the result of my years of labor and experience.  Read this book over several times, for each time you will learn something new and get ideas of your own which will benefit you.  If you follow the instructions carefully and trade conservatively, never buying or selling a stock without reason nor being in too big a hurry to get in or out, I feel sure that you will make a success and after a few years will have cause to thank me for starting you on the right road to Successful Speculation and Investment. W.D. Gann
-from the Truth of the Stock Tape

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A practical book written by a successful Wall Street man who has proved his theory in actual trading. He writes from twenty years’ experience and gives examples of his rules by the Case System. This is the only book published covering the investment and speculative field of Cotton and Grain as well as Stocks. It is fully illustrated with 22 charts showing plainly the successful method of trading. In four books under one cover: Book I Preparation for Trading. Book II How to Trade. Book III How to Determine the Position of Stocks. Book IV Commodities, including Cotton, Wheat, and Corn.

Truth of the Stock Tape was written in 1923 to help those who were trying to help themselves in speculation and investment trading. It also gives a primer on Commodity trading using Cotton, Corn, and Wheat as examples. Wall Street Stock Selector, written in 1930, brings Truth of The Stock Tape up to date. It explains the 1928-1929 bull market and tells of the coming investor’s panic.

Also included in the rear of this huge book, are letters written by W.D. Gann, plus his famous 1929 Annual Stock Forecast.

If you are a stock or commodity trader, you need a Wall Street education and this book will give you more real, timeless, market knowledge than most sources available today.

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