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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gann?

Gannzilla software is a trading platform that incorporates the technical analysis methods of W.D. Gann, a renowned trader who lived in the early 1900s. The software is designed to help traders analyze the financial markets using Gann’s trading techniques, which include chart analysis and planetary calculations.

Gann was known for his unique approach to market analysis, which he believed was based on natural laws and universal principles. He used mathematical calculations and geometric patterns to predict price movements in various financial instruments, including stocks, commodities, and currencies.

What does GannZilla Software do?

Gannzilla software takes these techniques and automates them, making it easier for traders to apply Gann’s methods to their trading strategies.

The software includes tools such as the Square of Nine, which is a circular chart that Gann used to predict price movements, and the Gann Fan, which is used to identify support and resistance levels. Overall, Gannzilla software is a powerful trading platform that combines the time-tested methods of W.D. Gann with modern technology.

Traders who are interested in Gann’s trading techniques can use the software to gain a deeper understanding of his methods and potentially improve their trading results.

Do I have to pay for GannZilla?

Its FREE. No Strings Attached.

Gannzilla is a free software developed by a single developer who is passionate about the works of W.D. Gann and aims to share his knowledge with other traders. Despite being a free tool, Gannzilla is packed with advanced features and analytical tools that make it a powerful platform for traders looking to utilize Gann’s trading methods and planetary calculations.

Additionally, for traders who want to learn more about Gann’s trading methods and how to effectively use Gannzilla, the developer also offers a course for purchase. The course provides a comprehensive guide on how to utilize the software and make the most out of Gann’s trading methods, allowing traders to enhance their knowledge and skills in this area.

How is Gannzilla different from other financial apps?
While other financial apps exist in the market, none offer the same level of precision and accuracy when it comes to Gann’s trading methods, making Gannzilla an exceptional resource for traders looking to incorporate Gann analysis into their trading strategies. And the best part is, Gannzilla is completely free to use.
Where can we find more resources to learn about Gann trading strategies?
You can explore various resources on the internet to learn more about Gann trading strategies. Alternatively, you can enroll in our premium course, which offers comprehensive insights into Gann’s methods. As the creators of the Gannzilla software, our understanding of Gann’s techniques is unparalleled.