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Aspects between planets and their influence over markets

In this article we will discuss about “important aspects” in astrology. These are astrological aspects between planets lasting a long period of time (at least 3 or 4 months) and having a strong influence over people, economy and of course over financial markets.

These astrological aspects form usually between strong planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto).

Because these planets move slower, the aspect lasts longer. This is why financial evolution or any other activity on Earth is influenced strongly.

We will discuss what an astrological aspect between two planets means and we will find out how each planet influences ones life and actions. We will present some examples of astrological aspects within the years after 2000. We will then analyze each aspect aside regarding financial indicators. At the end we will draw the conclusions.

What is an astrological aspect between planets and how do they form?

When we view the planets from Earth, they all rotate at different speeds around the Sun.

Aspects are the various geometric angles, measured in degrees, minutes and seconds that are formed between planets, or some other point in the horoscope, as they move through the 360 degrees.

The aspects indicate the energies between the planets and houses, and traditionally the “easy” aspects of Sextile and Trine indicate a more harmonious or beneficial energy and the “important” aspects of the Square and Opposition considered to represent challenges and balance needed to be found.

A Conjunction is a very dynamic aspect and can be considered either positive or negative depending on the planets involved.

What are the influences each planet generates?:


The Sun indicates the psychological bias that will dominate your actions. What you see, and why, is told in the reading for your Sun.

The Sun also shows the basic energy patterns of your body and psyche. In many ways, the Sun is the dominant force in your horoscope and your life. Other influences, especially those of the Moon, may modify the Sun’s influence, but nothing will cause you to depart very far from the basic solar pattern.

Always keep in mind the basic influence of the Sun and remember all other influences must be interpreted in terms of it, especially insofar as they play a visible role in your life. You may think, dream, imagine, and hope a thousand things, according to your Moon and your other planets, but the Sun is what you are.


In astrology the Moon stands for emotions, instincts, sensitivity, and the unconscious. It is often called the feminine principle.

The Sun signifies your individuality and the Moon signifies your personality. In essence, the Moon represents the side of you that reacts before you have time to think.

The distinction in astrology between the influence of the Sun and the Moon is a forerunner of Sigmund Freud’s theory of the ego and the id in human personality.

According to Freud, the ego is a person’s consciousness (in astrology – the Sun), and the id represents a person’s instinct (the Moon). The Moon tells the desire of your life. When you know what you mean, but can’t verbalize it, it is your Moon that knows it and your Sun that can’t say it.


It is a planet of intelligence and the mind.

It is associated with speed and agility. It rules over intelligence, perception and reason, memory, speaking and writing. Reflects the way you see, hear, understand, and assimilate information.

Day-to-day travel, short trips, and the various means of transportation are under its dominion. It controls functions of the nerves, arms, hands, and fingers. Also rules the voice. Negative side produces tendency to be critical, sarcastic, argumentative and sly.


Planet of love and pleasure. Rules capacity to express affection and to enjoy beauty. Rules over love affairs, art and beauty, adornment and decoration, the social graces, affection, harmony, and friendship.

Governor of the higher emotions, Venus makes life beautiful. It rules ability to love and to share with another person. Another side of its influence is that it encourages pleasure, ease and luxury than self-discipline.

A strong streak of narcissism and a lack of will-power indicate negative side is stressed.

Venus is the emotional antenna of your horoscope. Through Venus, impressions come to you from the outer world, to which you react emotionally. The position of Venus by sign at the time of your birth determines your attitude toward these experiences.

As Mercury is the messenger linking sense impressions (sight, smell, etc.) to the basic nature of your Sun and Moon, so Venus is the messenger linking emotional impressions.


Planet of physical energy. Governs sex drive, forcefulness, and aggression. Governs energy, boldness, the will to win, the ability to turn ideas into action. Planet of passion, sexuality, and force. Signifies ambition, desire, courage and strength.

  • Governs the sex organs. Influence also brings strife and conflict, tension and anger, accidents and destruction.
  • It rules heat, fire, earthquakes, violence, and war.
  • Negative side can cause sudden injury or illness. Represents unleashed energy and human will. Mars is the energy principle in the horoscope.

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