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W. D. Gann: Pioneering Cosmological Economics

W.D. Gann

The Early Life of W. D. Gann

Born at 10:34 am on June 6, 1878, in rural Lufkin, Texas, William Delbert Gann’s journey into the world of finance began as a 13-year-old newspaper salesboy on trains. Listening to conversations among passengers speculating on market investments and commodity prices sparked a lifelong interest in him.

Wall Street Trader

At the age of 25, Gann moved to New York City in 1903 and secured his first job with a major brokerage house on Wall Street. During these early years, he developed a profit-making strategy rooted in the principles of Price Patterns, Technical Analysis, and, crucially, Risk Management. While honing these essential foundations, Gann’s curiosity led him to delve deeper into understanding why market patterns and specific numbers are cyclically repeated. This quest for knowledge drove him to explore esoteric subjects such as Natural Philosophy, Vibration, Number Theory, Sacred Geometry, and Astrology.

Gann’s Monumental Discovery

On August 8th, 1908, Gann made what he considered his most significant discovery in Market Forecasting. After years of dedicated research, he shared his forecasting abilities with Wall Street in a renowned Ticker & Investment Digest Interview with Richard D. Wyckoff. During this interview, Gann proclaimed that his understanding was rooted in “The Universal Law of Causation and Harmony,” emphasizing the role of precise proportion and perfect relationships in all aspects of existence.

His Remarkable Successes

Gann’s forecasting prowess was witnessed by an independent auditor hired by The Ticker. He achieved a 1000% return with 262 out of 284 successful trades over one month of trading, an astounding 92% success rate. This achievement remains a remarkable milestone in the realm of market forecasting, with few traders matching Gann’s proficiency. Dr. Jerome Baumring was one such contemporary who accomplished this feat.

Gann’s Masonic Affiliations

In 1922, Gann became a member of Commonwealth-Stella Lodge No. 409, Free & Accepted Masons, New York City. By 1923, he attained the 3rd-degree Master Mason status. Although Gann’s Masonic affiliation may not have been pivotal to his success, it likely provided access to rare Masonic source works, their secrets, codes, and networking opportunities in his field.

The Forecasts of W. D. Gann

Gann’s life was marked by numerous accurate forecasts and predictions, including the abdication of the German Kaiser and the end of WWI on November 9, 1918. Notably, his forecast of Cotton’s top price at 24.40 on September 8, 1927, in “The Tunnel thru the Air,” demonstrated his uncanny abilities. He also predicted the stock exchange’s closure due to panic selling on October 3rd, 1931, and the major low on October 5th of the same year, followed by a market rally from 85.51 to 119.15 on November 9, 1931.

Author & Publisher

Gann meticulously retained control over all editorial aspects of his works. His books and courses are intentionally encoded with hidden knowledge. The Institute of Cosmological Economics remains committed to preserving the integrity of Gann’s original teachings.

Gann and Spirituality

Gann’s spiritual beliefs, deeply rooted in the Bible, were inseparable from his work in Financial Forecasting. His final work, “The Magic Word,” serves as a code to unravel the hidden secrets he left behind.

The Legacy of W. D. Gann

W.D. Gann’s trading career reportedly yielded over $50,000,000 from the markets. His enduring legacy continues to captivate traders and researchers, and the Institute of Cosmological Economics serves as the central source for the best original and Gann-related materials, decoding his profound legacy for generations to come.

The Publications of W.D. Gann

Throughout his career, W.D. Gann authored seven books, each contributing unique insights into the world of trading and finance. These books remain invaluable resources for traders and investors. Here are some of Gann’s notable publications:

  1. Truth of the Stock Tape (1923): Written to assist individuals in speculation and investment trading, this book also provides a primer on commodity trading using examples from Cotton, Corn, and Wheat markets.
  2. The Tunnel Thru the Air (1927): An intriguing narrative intertwining the stock and commodity markets with the nation’s pre-World War II struggles. Remarkably, many events, inventions, market panics, and booms mentioned in this book later came true.
  3. 45 Years in Wall Street (1949): Regarded as the ‘Bible’ of stock trading by Gann traders worldwide, this book encapsulates Gann’s 47 years of trading experience. It offers practical insights for achieving success in the stock market.
  4. How to Make Profits in Commodities (1951): Gann’s seminal work on commodity trading, emphasizes that by following his mathematical rules for commodity markets, traders can achieve profitability.

These publications remain essential reading for those interested in Gann’s trading methodologies and market insights.

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