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Cardinal Cross and Ordinal Cross

Within the Gann Square of 9, We encounter two significant crosses:

  • The Cardinal Cross.
  • The Ordinal Cross.

Cardinal Cross

Cardinal means “Central” or “Essential”. The cardinal cross consists of four numbers aligned along the cardinal points of the Gann Square of 9.

The numbers are strategically placed in the north, south, east and west directions within the square. The red line in the image on the above denotes Cardinal Cross.

The numbers that fall in the Cardinal Cross are significant!

Ordinal Cross

In contrast, the ordinal cross comprises four numbers positioned along the diagonal directions of the Gann Square of 9.

The word “Ordinal” refers to the order or sequence of numbers.

These numbers are strategically placed in the northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest directions within the square. The numbers that fall on the blue lines running into the corners of the square, form what’s known as the Ordinal Cross.

Reference to Christianity

However, both terms are often related to Christianity!

The Cardinal Cross is often interpreted in relation to Jesus Christ’s Cross!

The term Ordinal comes from the Christian rite called Ordination.

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