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Celestial Insights: Unveiling Gann’s Market Mastery Through Planetary Secrets

W.D. Gann was a financial soothsayer, using enigmatic techniques that seemed to be privy to only a chosen few. These cryptic methods, interwoven into his market predictions, are like hidden treasures waiting for you to unearth. Surprisingly, some of these insights can be found in Gann’s unconventional work, “Tunnel Thru The Air.” While Gann’s forecasting mystique is widely recognized, what’s less known is his reliance on ancient, esoteric sciences—numerology, celestial cycles, astrology, time cycles, Biblical symbolism, and sacred geometry. These disciplines hold the elusive keys to pinpointing market movements with uncanny precision. For instance, Gann recommends an in-depth reading of the Bible, not once, but thrice, to decode the Creator’s revelations of nature’s universal laws. It’s a journey that demands years of dedication and is certainly not for the faint-hearted explorer.

For insights into the impact of celestial forces, consider delving into “Cosmic Patterns” by J. H. Nelson. Nelson, a brilliant RCA scientist, unveiled a profound connection between the planetary alignments and Sun Spots, causing notable disruptions in shortwave radio transmissions. His groundbreaking revelation not only empowered him to predict forthcoming radio disturbances but also substantiated the tangible effects of hidden cosmic influences, all hinging on the angles and aspects of the planets (as elaborated in Luke 21:25). The highly publicized Harmonic Convergence of the previous August showcased a rare planetary alignment, with several planets converging in the Leo constellation, a fiery sign associated with speculative ventures in astrological charts. This potent amalgamation of celestial influences also forged harmonious grand trine aspects, forming 120-degree angles with the outer planets, ultimately reaching its zenith during the New Moon on August 24, coinciding with the market’s peak.

In the realm of astrological interpretation, Jupiter and Saturn stand as cosmic counterparts. Saturn, the guardian of time and harbinger of melancholy, contrasts sharply with Jupiter, the harbinger of expansion and abundance. Notably, on August 19, Jupiter embarked on a retrograde journey, a celestial phenomenon where it seemingly reverses its course as observed from Earth. This reversal ushers in a period during which Jupiter’s traditionally positive influence wanes, a cosmic twist that extended until December. Simultaneously, Saturn shifted into direct motion, amplifying its traditionally negative influence on celestial affairs.

Astute observers of market dynamics would do well to take note that over the past two decades, significant market upswings have proven elusive during the roughly three-and-a-half-month Jupiter retrograde cycle.

On September 22, a significant Solar Eclipse unfolded in the Earth sign of Virgo, often considered a harbinger of future market movements when triggered by celestial events. Come October 6th, Mars, the planet of action, crossed over this critical Solar Eclipse Degree at 29 degrees Virgo, setting in motion a sequence of events that led to the historic 13-day market decline. Astrologers familiar with the nuances of celestial configurations recognize this as a classic astrological occurrence (a concept well-documented in the Encyclopedia of Astrology by Devore, 1947, under the influence of Mars passing over an Eclipse Degree). The ensuing market descent seemed almost inevitable as Mars then formed an adverse Square aspect (a 90-degree angle) with Neptune, symbolizing confusion and illusion, culminating in precision on October 16.

Simultaneously, as Mars activated the Solar Eclipse, a Lunar Eclipse unfolded at the 13th degree of Libra, symbolizing the scales of balance. Furthermore, Venus, the celestial ruler of the New York Stock Exchange, ventured into the zodiac sign of Scorpio, the cosmic antithesis of Taurus the Bull. It proceeded to form a potent conjunction (a 0-degree alignment) with Pluto, the planet associated with transformation and destruction. The financial world witnessed the bombshell on October 19 when this conjunction reached its exact alignment, resulting in a catastrophic 508-point crash in a single day.

Mercury, tied to trading, met Pluto at 3 degrees Scorpio during the Lunar Eclipse. Around October 13, Mercury retrograded at Scorpio’s 13th degree, governing other’s money, death, and change. The Lunar Eclipse, planet positions, and their link to the Lunar mansions offer a deeper layer to explore.

Gann’s market forecasting included comparing current planetary positions to NYSE’s birth chart and using one year for a day progressions (Ezekiel 4:7). McWitter’s method, detailed in “Astrology & Stock-market Forecasting” (1932), highlighted planet aspects at the Midhaven as vital market direction indicators. Notably, Jupiter graced the Midhaven during the Sun’s October opposition, reaching its climax on October 19. Celestial insights for the keen observer.

The number 13 carries ancient symbolism, its power echoing through time. The Dow’s peak at 2722 (2+7+2+2=13) coincided with being 13 years from the October 1974 low. This numerical alignment, in harmony with celestial forces, served as an unmistakable signpost for future market trends. It offered a prelude to the torrent of selling pressure witnessed last October. Amid claims from market letter writers and advisors about predicting the August peak and October crash, a wise move would be to seek trade confirmations before embracing their advice.

The dates mentioned in the “Cosmic Conversation” article (February issue) highlighted precise trine aspects (120 degrees) between Venus and the transformative force of Uranus (as described in Ezekiel 1:16). Historically, the market exhibits an upward trajectory before the completion of the Venus trine Uranus aspect, followed by a typical downturn afterward (unless stronger market forces intervene). This semiannual cycle unfolded on these recent dates: March 26, 1986; July 2, 1986; May 13, 1987; August 17, 1987; and March 6, 1988. An intriguing market pattern emerges around these dates, with notable observations two weeks before and after.

The descent into the November 11 timeframe hinged on the Mars/Jupiter conjunction (0 degrees) and opposition (180 degrees) cycles, known to mark several market lows and pivotal trend shifts. This interplay was particularly evident in August 1982.

Intriguingly, Gann alluded to the number 266 as a significant factor in “Tunnel Thru The Air,” linking it to the Biblical tale of Jonah as a key to interpreting the future. Could 266 symbolize 72 hours (2x6x6), mirroring the three days and three nights in Jonah’s story? Alternatively, might it correspond to the star (angle) of the Magi, as mentioned in Matthew 2:1? There are more layers to unravel in this brief story—read it with keen eyes!

The Galactic Center, situated at 266 degrees of longitude (equivalent to 26 degrees Sagittarius), holds a particular astrological significance. An examination of any geocentric ephemeris reveals that during the devastating market crash on October 24, 1929 (commonly known as Black Thursday), the planet Saturn occupied the Galactic Center at 26 degrees and 22 minutes Sagittarius. Saturn’s influence, known for its impact on timing and depressive tendencies, follows a 29-year cycle. It’s reasonable to anticipate a sharp decline (the third-largest in history) when Saturn returns to this celestial location. The added significance lies in this date coinciding with the two-year anniversary of the prior record drop on January 8, 1986. This planetary cycle, rooted in past market history, was overlooked by astrologers and market “experts” unfamiliar with these historical patterns. Surprisingly, the market also experienced a crash on October 19, 1937, concluding a 50-year time cycle!

While some may scoff at these techniques, it’s essential to recognize that many who dismiss them also incur losses in the market. As you progress through your lessons and uncover these hidden keys, you’ll attain knowledge that allows you to interpret both the “signs of the times” (as mentioned in Matthew 16:2-3) and the market’s movements with uncanny accuracy. Exploring how Gann harnessed the universal language of numbers, Biblical cycles, and sacred geometry represents a topic for future discussions.

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