When utilizing the Square of Nine, W.D. Gann would sketch lines extending from the center of the square outward to the encircling degrees.

These lines find application in various Square of Nine forecasting techniques. W.D. Gann classified these lines as angles, designating them by the degrees they intersected on the outer circle.

In this Image, the Layout is Clockwise and the Protractor is also Clockwise.

For instance, in the above image, a line originates from the center of the square and extends to the 70° mark on the outer circle.

This particular line is denoted as the 70° angle.

Similarly, another line is drawn from the center to the 200° mark, establishing the 200° angle.

It’s important to note that while this may not adhere to the conventional geometric definition of an angle, it aligns with W.D. Gann’s interpretation, and we employ his terminology in this context.

In this image, the protractor is Anticlockwise. As discussed earlier, The protractor and the Layout’s orientation do not matter in the outcomes.

W.D. Gann occasionally refrained from encircling the exterior of the Square of Nine, as this practice would result in a notably enlarged final square.

But, with current advancements, it just takes a matter of click to summon another secondary scale to Protractor like shown in the above image.

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