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Gann Time Square Method

Let’s discuss the second method of Gann Chart Scaling using Gann Time Square Method!

Remember the relation between numbers in a Gann Square?

  • To generate the squares, we needed to rotate by 45 degrees.
  • We also know, if 2 represents a 360-degree rotation, .25 represents 45 degrees!

Revisiting the same chart of Bank NIFTY, If We are to assume that the Chart is Gann Scaled, it means it is scaled at 45 degrees.

  • The lowest point in the trend is also the starting point.
  • In 22 days, it will rotate 22 * 45 = 990 degrees.
  • .25 * 22 = 5.5 represents 990-degree rotation.

Getting the Location

Let’s rotate the Gann Chart 990 degrees considering 43345.95 as Apex Point.

It will lead to the ideal price of Bank NIFTY at the time of 22nd Trading Day if the chart follows proper Gann Scaling.

  • The starting point is 43345.95.
  • Square root of 43345.95 = 208.196902
  • Rotation of 990 degree = 208.196902 + 5.5 = 213.696902
  • Square of 213.696902 = 45666.36592

Date and Price Range

Now, Let’s select the Date and Price Range tool.

  • Set the Price of #2 Candle as 45666.36592. Note that, it will be automatically rounded to 45666.35.
  • Add 22 to the bar number in #1 candle. It will become 296.

Let’s do the same old calculations,

The Price Range
= 45666.35-43345.95
= 2320.40.

The Bar (Trading Days) Range
= 296-274 = 22.

So, on every single trading day, the average movement is
= 2320.40/22
= 105.472727

The Ideal Price to Bar Ratio

Following the same principles discussed during the method of Gann Scaling using Price to Bar Ratio Method, the ideal Gann Scaling Parameter will be achieved if Price to Bar ratio is (2320.40/22) = 105.472727

In that case, the distance in the chart covered by Dates will be same to the distance covered by the Price.

Let’s set that!

  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Scales
  • Check Lock price to bar ratio in the figure of 105.472727

Price is Time Square

In this method, we need to only select the starting point. The end point is coming from the calculations directly.

The calculations are derived from the Time Square Method.

You must have noticed that rotating a Gann Square involves square rooting the price. So, that’s why Gann called Time is square root of Price or Price is Time Square!

So far, you have learnt –

  1. Finding the correct Price to Bar Ratio using Principles of Gann Square.
  2. The meaning of “Price is Time Square”.
  3. How to Gann scale using the method of Time Square.

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