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Important astrological aspects in the 21st century

Example 1: Saturn Opposition Pluto

The first example is Pluto opposition Saturn between July and November 2001. During this period this aspect happened twice:

  • In the first one –
  • Pluto was retrograde and Saturn direct
  • 2001, Aug 5 (17:20)
  • Saturn Gem 12°37’   – Opposition – Pluto 12°37’ Sag (Rx)
  • In the second time –
  • Saturn turned retrograde and Pluto was direct.
  • 2001, Nov 2 (05:50)
  • Saturn Gem 13°49’ (Rx) – Opposition – Pluto 13°49’ Sag

What can we expect from this opposition?

This aspect generates a strong feeling of fear and negativity.

People tend to restrict their normal activities; they shrink their lives because Saturn is the planet affected by the astrological aspect. New and unsuspected misunderstandings and worries appear.

This is how the sky looked during the summer of 2001:

What was the effect on the financial markets? That period the biggest American financial crash this century happened. After that came the horrible events in September 2001.

This above chart shows the possibilities of trading in profit if we would have paid attention to the planets.

Example 2: Jupiter Trine Pluto

The second aspect presented here is Jupiter trine Pluto.

This time instead of opposition we have trine and instead of Saturn we have Pluto

After we have read the influences of the planets presented above, we can expect something positive from this astrological aspect which lasted 3 months at the end of 2002.

  • Date – 2002, Oct 28 (00:01)
  • Exact Aspect – Jupiter Leo 15°55’ – Trine – Pluto 15°55’ Sag
  • Date – 2002, Dec 18 (13:19)
  • Exact Aspect – Jupiter Leo 17°46’ (Rx) – Trine – Pluto 17°46’ Sag

This is the sky map:

A trine dominates the sky in this time period. The trine lasted from October until December 2002 and had to stages.

The planets first turned direct and then retrograde. It is obvious that this aspect comes with positive influences: expansion, trusting oneself, courage, inspiration.

All these feelings embraced peoples’ hearts. So, what happened?

After the month of October when the market registered the lowest Low this century, the beginning of the trine turned the market up. In only three months Dow increased 1.500 pips! Amazing, isn’t it?

Example 3: Saturn Opposition Uranus

This is the last example.

Of course, we chose another remarkable event: the crazy period of October 2008. Let’s see how the sky looked back than and what could we have expected with months before:

The sky is dominated by Saturn opposition Uranus.

 In 2001 the opposition was with Pluto. The effect this type of opposition has is the same. We cannot expect anything else but something bad to happen.

The earthly cause of the abrupt downward slope of financial market does not interest us so much. Astrological analysis showed us that the market will go down and that a successful transaction could have ended with over 3.000 pips in profit.


a. The main conclusion is very clear…the important astrological aspects, especially those between farther planets and lasting more than 2-3 months, have a strong influence on Earth in every field of activity.

b. These astrological aspects generate major financial trends…they can be positive and make the market grow in a sustained manner, or negative and create and abrupt down slope…these movements of the market can be easily predicted by those who can read astrological maps.

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