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Shape Overlays

Geometric forms serve as the foundation for W.D. Gann’s secondary type of overlays, comprising two shapes: t

  • The square.
  • The triangle.

In the above figure, on the Square of Nine, you can observe a triangle overlay. This overlay includes two distinct sets of lines.

  • The initial set of lines outlines the shape. These lines are finer and more delicate in nature.
  • The second set of lines and is composed of bold, dark lines resides within the shape and extends from the shape’s corner to the center of the Square of Nine.

Similarly, here is an illustration of the Gann Square of Nine featuring a square shape overlay. Once more, we encounter the two sets of lines, following the same pattern as previously explained.

In modern times, it is very easier to create other overlays with the help of Gannzilla Software. Here are images of various other overlays with different types of shapes.

Gann Square of 9 with overlay of Pentagon

Gann Square of 9 with overlay of Hexagon

Gann Square of 9 with overlay of Septagon

Gann Square of 9 with overlay of Octagon

Gann Square of 9 with overlay of Nonagon

Gann Square of 9 with overlay of Decagon

Gann Square of 9 with overlay of Hendecagon

Gann Square of 9 with overlay of Dodecagon

In conclusion, the integration of various overlay techniques alongside diverse chart types, shapes, and additional metrics has significantly expanded the scope of this field.

This fusion of methods has enriched the analytical toolkit, enabling a more comprehensive and nuanced approach to understanding and interpreting data. As the realm of overlays continues to evolve, it promises to provide even deeper insights and a more intricate understanding of the underlying patterns and trends within complex datasets.

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