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The Concept of Rotation

The Concept of Rotation

In the context of Square of 9, We say things like 19 is 90 degrees from 15. The Square of Nine is represented as a rectangular table of numbers, but to comprehend the positioning and angular relationships, we need to visualize it enclosed within a circle or a series of circles.

When we say that a number is 90 degrees from another number, such as 19 is 90 degrees from 15, it means that there is a 90-degree angular separation between those two numbers within the circular representation.

To further illustrate this concept, consider the number 34.

If we say that 34 is 360 degrees from 15, it implies that there is a complete rotation of the circle or a full 360-degree angular separation between the two numbers.

In the world of trigonometry, 2 radian is 360 degrees. So, that inference will work out here too.

How to Rotate Around the Gann Wheel

Here is how you can get 15 from 34 mathematically –

  • 34 is the original number.
  • The sqrt of 34 = √34 = 5.83095189485
  • 5.83095189485 – 2 = 3.83095189
  • (3.83095189) ^2 = 15 (rounded up)

360-degree rotation

Did you notice we subtracted number “2”? If “2” represents a 360-degree rotation,

180-degree rotation

Then “1” represents a 180-degree rotation,

90-degree rotation

And “.5” represents a 90-degree rotation.

45-degree rotation

So “.25” represents a 45-degree rotation.

Or, we can recall the ways of trigonometry and use .25 radian’s .25 metric while calculating for 45 degrees.


So far, we have discussed, Gann Square of 9’s Cardinal Cross and Ordinal Cross contains the prices which is considered as Support and Resistance.

Let’s say a stock is trading at 29. What is the Support and Resistance?

  1. The nearest Cardinal/Ordinal i.e., important lines are at 0 degree and 45 degrees.
  2. The Support is 28 and Resistance is 31.


In the left size, the Gann Square of 9 is of Size 5 i.e., it has 5 Levels. How many prices can a Size 5 Gann Square of 9 can fit?

As discussed ago, answer is – Square of 5th odd number!

  • 5th odd number = (2n-1) = (2*5-1) = 9.
  • A grid of 9×9, there are 81 elements.

But What if –

Let’s say a stock is trading at 14752. What is the Support and Resistance?

To analyze the number 14752, let’s consider using a Gann Square of 9 with a certain size, which we’ll call “n.”

In order to determine the appropriate value for n, we need to find the point where the square of (2n-1) exceeds 14752.

Let’s simplify the solution step by step:

Given inequality: (2n – 1) ^2 > 14752

2n – 1 > √14752

2n – 1 > √14752 ≈ 121.46 [Ignoring the negative square root]

2n > 121.46 + 1

2n > 122.46

n > 122.46 / 2

n > 61.23

Since we’re dealing with a positive integer value for n, we can round up to the nearest whole number:

n ≥ 62

Therefore, the solution to the inequality (2n – 1) ^2 > 14752 is n ≥ 62. In other words, n must be greater than or equal to 62 for the given inequality to hold true.

The above image is Gann Square of 9 with size of 20. The size of 62 will break the screen and freeze out brain!

As The visual representation is highly unlikely, is there any mathematical way of finding the nearest cardinal cross and ordinal cross numbers without drawing the entire Gann Square of 9 using Angles?

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